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6 thoughts on “ All I Do - Lex* - Deeper Than That

  1. Dec 19,  · I remember Lex, first of all, as the most romantic man I have ever known. He was such a gentlemen, old-fashioned in the best sense, great fun to be with. We used to lie in bed at night, sing show tunes and laugh ourselves to sleep. He was much deeper than most people knew. Lex was so intelligent. He was a Renaissance man he could do anything.
  2. I mention Land of the Lost, and there are these gasps of surprise and awe and then wildly enthusiastic applause -- and that's when I know that the show touched a nerve that goes way deeper than Star Trek for the fans. And I think it's because of the sense that the LOTL, for all the deficiencies of production, was a very real place for the audience.
  3. Lex is a beautiful, smart, sexy, successful woman. She has had a horrible past and because of this afraid to open herself up to men. As her story goes she has a secret and even now looking back there are clues along the way and once I found out I was a bit taken back. Lex is really afraid that she would not be accepted for who she really is/5.
  4. Growth Stage 2 A RETURN UNTO THE CREATOR Exodus 3 Growth Stage 1 THE LION SLEEPS NO MORE Ecclesiastes 7 7 For oppression makes a wise man mad, And a bribe co.
  5. Mar 23,  · The Hollywood Reporter rounds up the major events on all the DC Comics TV shows with DC TV Watch. This week: 'Supergirl' reveals just how much Jon Cryer's Lex .
  6. He put his hands tentatively on Lex's shoulders, and when all he got for a response was a slight nod of Lex's head and a sharp intake of breath, Clark slowly ran his hands down Lex's chest to his stomach, resting his head on the older man's shoulder loosing a groan Lex had been trying to keep deep in his throat. "You love me, and I love you.".

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